isola iphone title

Isola is a dynamic, animation-rich, beautifully rendered first-person adventure game production.  

Isola's release strategy is currently being reevaluated in much the same way that 'Vivid Minigolf' and 'Prodigal' are - to be more specific, efforts to release content on iOS have proven unsuccessful, due to Apple's current policies, and their unclear, inconsistent, and generally frustratingly high standards, as well as their lack of clear communication.

In practice, this means that Isola will probably be restructured and released as an episodic series of Mac/PC games in the Unity engine, possibly using the Dagonity module by Senscape - Unity is the same engine being used for Panoramic Worlds 2.

There'll be releases on Mac/PC through the Triumphant Artists shop.  I have debated the details of release over and over.  The reality is that this project has consumed an immense amount of time and money and that I will need to find some way to compensate for those expenses.  This project has taken me years to complete, and I will likely end up charging a little bit for the full version.

I will be sure to release some portion of the game for free as a demo, so you can get some idea of what the game is like before deciding to buy the full version.

The graphics are likely the strongest point of the game; the imagery is quite extensive and there's a great deal that hasn't yet been shown to the public.

Unfortunately, that's also why it is taking a while to complete.

There are a large number of places to explore in this game, places which I've crafted carefully and assembled into a compelling, beautiful gameworld.  The game is absolutely loaded with animations... from the character cutscenes to the transitions to the ambient animation and interactive bits of the world.

The graphics are also fairly high-resolution - which, when combined with the scope of the game and its animation-rich design, result in a very large filesize (potentially well over a gigabyte).  That is why I'm inclined to split it into multiple parts!

The audio is also pretty solid, and the story is engaging... the puzzles are varied but all relatively easy to solve by adventure-game standards.

 (That's a disappointment to hard-core adventure gamers but good news to those who like easy puzzles and casual gaming.)

For a broader overview of what Matthew Hornbostel and his friends and family are currently working on, check out - there are a lot of video and video game productions listed there. Depending on the success or lack of it, of the Triumphant Artists Shop, Isola could be completed and released as soon as the beginning of 2016, or as late as late 2016. That could vary significantly depending on my available resources.
One other particularly noteworthy project of the 'explorable world' variety is Panoramic Worlds ... go ahead and check that out while you wait for completion of Isola.

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